Christie's  Messenger  Service  Incorporated
908-756-5765                                    established 1986
About Us

     Christie's Messenger Service, Inc. was founded in  1986 by Steve Christie.  He got his start working at Interstate Printing Company as  a truck driver, after a few years he moved inside to shipping receiving where he eventually took over the department.  In 1986 he got married, and shortly after getting married  Interstate Printing Company was sold to a company in Baltimore, MD.  His wife, Barbara, went out and got a job to pay the bills and Steve decided to take this opportunity to start his own business.  He called all the contacts he made over the years in the printing industry along with his management skills and opened Christie's Messenger Service Inc. during the summer of 1986.

    Christie's Messenger started out  very small, Steve hired a young woman, Cindy, to dispatch.  He hired one of the truck drivers from Interstate who lost his job, and together the two of them did all the deliveries.   At that time it was beepers and pay phones to call in to the office.   After a few years Christie's Messenger began to grow, he brought his wife, Barbara into the business.

    For the last twenty-two years Christie's Messenger Service Inc. has been committed to delivering freight on time. Christie's Messenger Service Inc. currently utilizes quite a few contractors, we do a thorough background check on all contractors.  We are fully insured, and all of our contractors are bonded.

    Even after all these years when you call Christie's Messenger Service Inc, you will still be pleasantly greeted by Cindy, Barbara or Steve 24/7/365 to take care of any delivery needs you have.

Christie's Messenger Service Inc.
908-315-5865 Fax
12 South Plainfield Avenue
South Plainfield, N.J. 07080

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